Welcome to the ‚Association for 2nd Home Owners in Klosters’. It is the only Association in Klosters
devoted to representing the interest of holiday home owners and guests. It maintains contacts with
local authorities, institutions and private enterprises. The Association also campaigns for the fair and
equitable treatment of 2nd home owners and guests when it comes to paying rates, taxes and
contributing to the cost of the local tourist infrastructures.
The current annual membership fee is Swiss Francs 60.00 (sixtyswissfrancs). The Membership is
personal. At least one (1) owner of your holiday home should be a registered member. Each
membership has one (1) voting right only.
You can register your new membership in the section ‘Mitglied werden’ by entering your contact
details, your main home address and your address in Klosters.
The membership begins with the payment of your initial membership fee of Swiss Francs 60.00
(sixtyswissfrancs). If you experience any payment difficulties, please let us know.
Once your payment has gone into the account you will receive a membership confirmation by email.
You will also be sent the password for the members only section ‘Mitgliederbereich’.

Bank Details:
Bank: Graubündner Kantonalbank, CH-5250 Klosters
IBAN: CH89 0077 4010 3308 5630 0

Clearing-No.: 774
Account Holder: IG Zweitwohnung Klosters
Account No.: 10 330.856.300
Have a voice in the future of Klosters! Become a member in the 2nd Home Owners Association.
Membership is open to all individuals and institutions wishing to support the Association’s aims.

Annual Report + Proposals 2021

In the following, „we“; always refers to your Association’s Committee.
Due to renewed covid-19 restrictions, your Committee regrets the cancellation of the year’s
AGM originally planned for Wednesday, 29 December 2021.
Review of the Committee’s activities in 2021:
Transparency in reference to the use of the guest or visitor’s tax (Kur-, Gästetaxe) and the
annual flat rate tax for 2 nd homeowners (Jahrespauschale) continues to be of interest to our
To this affect, the first full year of accounting according to the new law for tourism financing
ended on 30 th April 2021. The relevant annual accounts are now available for review on the
website of the Klosters Tourism Office www.klosters.ch.
By law, the guest or visitor’s tax and the annual flat rate can only be used for the
maintenance or expansion of the local tourism infrastructure. Events are considered to be
part of the tourism infrastructure. Therefore, if an event cannot be held, the intended
expenditure becomes part of a contingency fund in the budget for the following fiscal year.
During the fiscal year from 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2021, many events were cancelled. Thus,
a considerable amount has been accrued for future events. However, funds can only be
released with the approval of the Klosters Tourism Council. The Tourism Council, of which
your Association is a member, is the supervisory body of the Klosters Tourism Office. Thus,
we have an on-going say in the short and long-term decisions affecting the sustainable
development of the local tourism activities.
2 nd homeowners account for 62% of the residential property in Klosters which means by law
that in future only residential property for individuals and families living full-time in Klosters
can be built. In 2022 the local council will conduct a review of the remaining building plots.
This review will be of significant importance to our Members since it might directly or
indirectly affect the quality of the property they own. Your Committee has therefore secured
an agreement with the local council that the review process will give      2nd homeowners the opportunity to state their opinion during the public consultation periods. We will keep you
advised in reference to when the consultation periods begin.

Attached is your Association’s financial statement for the period 1 st November 2020 to 31 st
October 2021. Due to covid-19 the amount of expenditure during the accounting period was
extremely low.
During this period, we started work on a new website, which is expected to go live in the
first quarter of 2022.
We continue to adhere to the principle that Committee members work on a voluntary basis
and, whenever reasonable, pay for their personal travel and expenses.
 We ask you to approve of the annual accounts and thus to discharge the
Budget 2022 – see attachment: The budget for 2021-2022 estimates a similar amount of
expenditure as planned for the 2020-2021 period. Future events and activities may have to
be cancelled again. Nevertheless, we want to stick to our intentions to increase the
Association’s level of Member related activities.
 We ask you to vote in favour of the Budget 2022.
Membership fee 2022: After a non-contributory year, your Committee proposes an annual
membership fee of CHF 60.00 for the year 2022.
 The Executive Committee asks you approve an annual membership fee of CHF
60.00 (sixty Swiss Francs) for the year 2022.
Elections: The current Committee Members will be eligible for re-election at the end of
2022. Only Yvonne Maciéczyk will now, due to personal circumstances resign out of term at
the end of 2021.
Your Committee consequently proposes the addition of 3 (three) new members. Their
election will not only give the Committee more flexibility but at the same time make it more
youthful. Details of the candidates:
Roman Donzé, born on 23 March 1975, father of two children aged 6 and 10, currently living
in Wallisellen. He and his wife Dana bought their 2 nd home in Klosters Dorf in 2019. Roman
manages and co-owns the food production company akari taste GmbH. His mother grew up
in Klosters, so Roman spent most of his holidays in Klosters before buying a flat. He
appreciates how the locals treat their environment and how easy it is to make friendships.
Christine Platiel, born on 2 November 1976, mother of two children aged 5 and 6, bought a
2 nd home in Klosters in 2021. During the week she lives in Zurich where she works for Zurich
Insurance Group. Christine, her Dutch partner Tom and their two boys are all sport
enthusiasts. In addition, they enjoy the village’s international flair and its welcoming
Martin Wyss, born on 30 October 1970, married, father of two sons – 13 and 16 years old,
lives during the week in Rapperswil-Jona. Martin is the CEO of the food processing and
delivery service Jeune Primeur in Dietikon. Claudia, his wife, has been coming to Klosters for
over 40 years. The couple even got married in Klosters. In winter, the whole family is out and
about on skis, and in summer on bikes. They all appreciate the wide range of sporting

activities on offer, as well as the wonderful mountain scenery and the friendships they have
built up in the village.
 Your Committee asks you to confirm the acceptance of the proposed three (3)
candidates as new Committee Members on the voting form.
Of course, Members wishing to become actively involved as Committee Members are always
welcome. For more details, please contact the current President Rolf Paltzer:
paltzer@daughters-and-son.com; Tel: +41 79 831 47 81

Looking forward to 2022:
We do hope for a certain type of „normality“ next year. However, only by spring we will know
what to expect. Whatever may be the case, we want to leave no stone unturned in our
efforts to organise appropriate events and gatherings for our members.
As a member of the local Tourism Council (‘Tourismusrat Klosters’) we will continue to
represent the interests of 2 nd homeowners. In our opinion, it is currently the best route to
secure and when necessary, demand on behalf of our members a sustainable tourism
infrastructure for the future. The major service providers are members of Tourism Council as
well. Therefore, concerns can quickly be aired, and appropriate solutions discussed and
agreed. The Tourism Council is an open forum that welcomes all suggestions and proposals
that will lead to a more durable tourism.
As mentioned, in 2022 the local council and parliament (‘Gemeindevorstand’ /
‘Gemeinderat’) will continue to revise the village’s building codes and by-laws (‘Phase III’). In
the main it will address the zoning of available building plots. We will keep you informed
about the various stages.
To make membership recruitment easier, we will launch a new website in the first quarter of
2022. It will enable existing members to better promote the benefits of membership in our
'Snowli Club': As in previous years, we will be supporting Snowli Club with a collection and a
donation when we attend the ‘Nostalgische Genussmeile’ in August. a donation. It is day
care centre during the winter season for children 18 months and older.

– Under the motto „Walserstolz & Weltgeschichten“ Klosters celebrates in 2022 the founding
date of the village 800 years ago. Every month events will be held that not only refer to the
village’s historical roots but will also portray Klosters’ rise as an international winter and
summer holiday resort. Details of all events are available at www.klosters800.ch. In addition
to attending one or several events as a guest you can also offer your support as a volunteer.
Please address all enquiries to info@gemeindeklosters.ch.

A great ‘thank you’ to all Members for their continuing trust and support.
If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact
us. Whatever the issue may be we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Committee – IG Zweitwohnung Klosters – 2 nd Homeowners Association Klosters
Rolf Paltzer – President 2nd Homeowners Association Klosters
December 2021

Photograph courtesy of Destination Davos Klosters / Andrea Badrut

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