Summary (EN) - Newsletter April 2023


Welcome to the ‚Association for 2nd Home Owners in Klosters’. It is the only Association in Klosters
devoted to representing the interest of holiday home owners and guests. It maintains contacts with
local authorities, institutions and private enterprises. The Association also campaigns for the fair and
equitable treatment of 2nd home owners and guests when it comes to paying rates, taxes and
contributing to the cost of the local tourist infrastructures.
The current annual membership fee is Swiss Francs 60.00 (sixtyswissfrancs). The Membership is
personal. At least one (1) owner of your holiday home should be a registered member. Each
membership has one (1) voting right only.
You can register your new membership in the section ‘Mitglied werden’ by entering your contact
details, your main home address and your address in Klosters.
The membership begins with the payment of your initial membership fee of Swiss Francs 60.00
(sixtyswissfrancs). If you experience any payment difficulties, please let us know.
Once your payment has gone into the account you will receive a membership confirmation by email.
You will also be sent the password for the members only section ‘Mitgliederbereich’.

Bank Details:
Bank: Graubündner Kantonalbank, CH-5250 Klosters
IBAN: CH89 0077 4010 3308 5630 0

Clearing-No.: 774
Account Holder: IG Zweitwohnung Klosters
Account No.: 10 330.856.300
Have a voice in the future of Klosters! Become a member in the 2nd Home Owners Association.
Membership is open to all individuals and institutions wishing to support the Association’s aims.

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